Community Owned Bio-gas for Livelihood Enhancement (COBLE) and Individual bio-gas system

‘We get more wood when the river floods, we get one or two loads per day, it’s risky, sometimes the river washes people away….We can’t wait until it is ready. We are working together for biogas’. – Sarasuti Sunar, villager in Nepal

Our Community Owned Bio-gas for Livelihood Enhancement (COBLE) project links energy generation from waste to productive end uses enabling income generation and leading to the alleviation of absolute poverty in some of Nepal’s most ethnically, geographically and economically marginalised communities. Through a strong partnership with BSP-Nepal this project brings together Renewable World’s expertise of renewable energy, business and community model cash flow analyses and a focus on achieving development outcomes, with BSP-Nepal’s technical expertise in developing and installing biogas digesters. BSP-N now has an enhanced capacity to respond to demand from local entrepreneurs and to facilitate the establishment of successful micro-enterprises using biogas produced from community-level systems.

The current phase of this project builds on the pilot to further test this community approach in six districts, which represent diverse social, cultural, economic and geographic contexts within the Far West, Mid West and Far East Nepal.  All communities we work with have little access to sustainable livelihood opportunities, compounded by degrading environmental assets and health risks. The ability of these communities to farm and/or trade agricultural produce is limited by lack of access to agricultural inputs, market linkages and appropriate clean energy services for basic value-add activities.

The collection of wood is dangerous, often illegal, and time consuming and the burning of this fuel lease to indoor air polluting damaging people’s lungs and causing eye infections. Access to an affordable, clean alternative source of energy not only frees up time for more productive activities including enterprise development but results in improved health.