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At Renewable World we celebrate our work with an annual report of our activities. In addition as a regulated UK  charity we publish annual independently examined Trustees Report and Accounts. Both reports are found below.

Further a key part of Renewable World’s work is to ensure that the renewable energy systems used in our programme activities are the most suitable and appropriate technologies for the communities where we work and that we help communities to effectively address their priority development needs as well as ensuring sustainability of impact.

Renewable World therefore works with a number of leading academic institutions and business schools, as well as industry experts to facilitate research on a range of relevant issues which inform and improve our work.

Past research projects:

Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge

A team of Cambridge MBA students worked on a research project in collaboration with Renewable World in 2011 to analyse how ownership models influence the effectiveness, price structure and utilisation of small scale off-grid energy sources in communities.

Read more about the findings of their research.

Imperial College London

Renewable World has supported Imperial College London with the development and piloting of the SURE DSS tool which allows isolated poor communities to make an informed choice about the various energy options available to them based on the specific conditions and resources of each community.

Read more about how the SURE DSS tool works.

Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Sussex University

In 2009, Renewable World collaborated with IDS on the development of the ‘China Low Carbon Platform’, a web based knowledge sharing tool for low carbon energy and development projects and research in China, with the aim of trialling a system which could be replicated for other regions where Renewable World is working.

Find out more about the China Low Carbon Platform.

Digital versions of current and past newsletters and reports can be downloaded from this section of the website. Please feel free to browse these materials to learn more about our projects, reports, and updates.

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Renewable World Annual Review 2014-15

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