At Renewable World, we regularly research and report on the impact of our programmes to optimise their delivery and keep our supporters informed. Likewise, as a regulated UK charity, we also publish independently examined Trustees Report and Accounts every year. Please find these included below.

10-Year Impact Report

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Renewable World’s 10-Year Impact Report celebrates our growth as an organisation and our progress in reaching almost 40,000 people through renewable energy since 2008.

Originally set up as a foundation, Renewable World is now an active NGO with experience delivering programmes across a variety of challenging social and geographical settings with demonstrable success. The Impact Report focuses on three regions where Renewable World has worked – South Asia, East Africa and Central America – and documents the continually expanding high-impact technologies we use, including solar/wind microgrids, solar-powered water pumps, community-scale biogas and solar home systems. Renewable World has now reached a total of 39,361 people using renewable energy, including 3,420 households and 222 institutions, small businesses and smallholders across 84 communities.

As we enter our scale-up phase of operations, we have full confidence in our teams’ ability to meet our target of reaching 100,000 people by 2022.


Additional Reports & Financials

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Renewable World Annual Review 2014-15

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10-Year Impact Report

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