Join the Renewable World Grid and (em)power communities

Renewable World is a small charity, but together we can make a big difference.

With every new donor that joins, we become more powerful, increasing our reach and giving renewed hope to communities living in poverty – people whose lives can be transformed by our projects.

“Joining the Grid” is about becoming a crucial part of that work. It connects you with real people in some of the world’s poorest countries, as your regular gifts will help us install renewable projects in their communities.

In return, you’ll receive a quarterly newsletter showing how your contributions are making a real and powerful difference to those people. You’ll also enjoy the energising feeling that comes with knowing you’re helping some of the world’s poorest people achieve sustainable, long-term goals.

Here are just a couple of examples of the difference that your regular gifts could make:

  • £10 could give a fisherman living on the shores of Lake Victoria access to energy for a year, allowing them to refrigerate their fish and demand a fair price.
  • £30 could give a Nepalese family access to solar-pumped water for a year, improving their health, education and income.
  • £60 could give four Nepalese villagers access to clean, affordable and sustainable cooking gas for a year; preventing premature death from lung and eye disease.
  • £120 could give one family in Nicaragua access to solar power for a year, meaning they no longer have to pollute their home with toxic kerosene fumes and that their children have light to study by in the evening.

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