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Help people living in poverty to empower their communities

Our projects are funded by donors, but run by community members. These people are living in some of the world’s poorest places but are dedicated to lifting themselves – and their communities – out of poverty through renewable energy. They are true pioneers and they deserve our support.

By sponsoring a pioneer, you’ll be enabling them to manage or look after a real project in a real community that will have sustainable, long-term benefits.

You’ll receive detailed information about an example pioneer, putting a human face to the incredible work that your gifts are helping to implement. You’ll also learn all about an example project, so you can see the very real difference your generosity is making in your pioneer’s community.

Here are just a couple of examples of the difference that your regular gifts could make:

  • £10 could give a fisherman living on the shores of Lake Victoria access to energy for a year, allowing them to refrigerate their fish and demand a fair price.
  • £30 could give a community the training it needs to be able to repair and maintain their solar water pumping system; ensuring they continue to have access to clean water for years to come.
  • £60 could buy a woman in Nepal a micro irrigation kit, enabling her to grow high value crops and improve her family’s income.
  • £120 could give one family in Nicaragua access to solar power for a year, meaning they no longer have to pollute their home with toxic kerosene fumes and that their children have light to study by in the evening.

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Banner photo credit: Sarah Best