Big Give Christmas Challenge 2023

November 10, 2023

Powering Health with Clean Energy

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Rural clinics in Nepal and Kenya, are the first point of healthcare for rural communities. Yet their ability to provide basic yet lifesaving care is severely hampered by a lack of access to reliable power. 

Poor energy access means even simple health problems can escalate quickly and become life-threatening for the people who rely on these clinics.

healthcare centre energy for health

We’ve already installed 23 remote clinics in Nepal and Kenya, benefitting over 47,000 people who would otherwise have to place themselves at risk travelling long distances to receive the care they need at an electrified facility.

With your help, we will install solar energy systems, alongside refrigeration and other energy-enabled equipment in a further 8 rural clinics where there is an urgent need, by December 2024. We will do this in partnership with local government partners and clinic staff to ensure the systems’ long-term sustainability.

How will we do it?

Solar energy systems and energy-enabled equipment will be installed at priority off-grid clinics, enabling them to offer a range of essential services and to better serve the healthcare needs of people from the surrounding communities.

To ensure the long-term sustainability of the solar systems, clinic staff will receive training and support to oversee the day-to-day operation of the system.

We will work with clinic staff and local health promoters to ensure people from the surrounding communities are aware of the newly available services and make good use of them. This will include providing information on routine vaccinations, child-health and nutrition, and maternal health.

Kenya healthcare centre energy for health

Double your donation!

For 1 week from the 28th November – 5th December you’ll be able to double your impact by donating to the Big Give Christmas Challenge Campaign. Any donation made in this time frame via Big Give will be doubled (until we hit £40,000 overall).

Big Give Christmas Donation Pledge


Big Give Christmas Challenge

28th November – 5th December