Double your impact and donate to our Green Match Fund.

April 22, 2024

We’re half way through our Green Match Fund campaign, which ends at 12:00 on Thursday 25th April 2024.

We have an ambitious target of £40,000 and every donation made to the campaign will be doubled by our campaign partners, HFW and Reed Foundation.

The funds raised will go towards our vital work transforming lives through clean energy in Nepal and Kenya.

With the help of this campaign, we will continue to work with climate-vulnerable communities to improve access to life’s essentials – water, health, education and livelihoods – using clean energy. We will help unlock demand for energy and support communities to install technologies like solar micro-grids, water pumps, biogas and early warning systems and then support communities to use these technologies to achieve long-term transformation in food security, health and education, and sustainable livelihoods.

By donating to this campaign today you can transform lives of people such as Pascal.

Pascal, a resident of Mageta Island in Lake Victoria, Kenya, spent his life without electricity, limiting his entrepreneurial opportunities to sustain his family and support his community.

However, when Renewable World brought a solar microgrid to his island two years ago, Pascal seized the chance to connect. With access to electricity, he extended his shop’s hours, diversified his offerings, and invested in a low-energy freezer, providing local fishermen with a means to keep their catch fresh and negotiate better rates at market.

His business flourished, enabling him to employ his son and expand his services, transforming not only his own life but also uplifting the entire community. Pascal’s story underscores the transformative power of access to electricity in enabling economic empowerment and improving livelihoods.

Double your impact and donate to transform lives through clean energy today.

If you have any questions regarding our work or our campaign, please do not hesitate to contact