Our Partners

We are proud of our strong network of communities, funding partners, and implementing partners

To us, our most important partners are the communities that we work with. We strive to work alongside communities to co-create a network of active, engaged, and skilled citizens that make the most of their new renewable technologies. We partner with them to identify, plan, build, manage, and put to use any renewable solution that is installed. To-date, we have partnered with 84 communities around the world to tackle poverty through renewable energy. Learn more about how we work alongside strong and capable communities.

We are also proud to be working alongside established local partners in each of the countries that we work in. These range from in-country organisations to international non-profits and commercial enterprises. Working with partners allows us to extend our reach, enabling us to connect with a greater number of beneficiaries. Through working with other organisations we are able to access specific areas of expertise and to make sure each stage of a project is implemented to the high standard required.

We know the key to longevity and sustainability of renewable energy projects is community ownership, empowerment, and capacity building. However, we also know that we wouldn’t be able to do any of this work – both installing renewable technologies or working in tandem with communities – without the constant and generous support from our funding partners. 

Project Funding Partners

Our current projects are being generously supported by:

We are excited to have launched our partnership with renewable energy supplier Octopus Energy, one of the UK's largest investors in solar power generation. Renewable World has been overseeing the carbon offsetting of Octopus’s Super Green customers since 2018. The portfolio supports Gold Standard certified projects including fuel efficient cookstoves in Nepal, a solar farm in India, and solar-powered cooking technologies in China. Jersey Overseas Aid (JOA) first began supporting our work in 2017 and we have been delighted to have the support of the people of Jersey ever since. Together, we will reach over 4,000 people with convenient, reliable water through our solar water pumping programme in Surkhet, Nepal. Climate change resilience, environmental protection, and safe water are placed right at the heart of this new project.
The Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe & East Africa (MCFEA) is a significant, ongoing supporter of our work in Kenya. MCFEA has been supporting our Lighting Up Lake Victoria Programme since 2015, contributing directly to the installation of ten solar microgrids which have brought power to 4,200 people, through the creation of 245 solar electricity connections which support households and small enterprises, as well as community facilities, such as schools and health centres. In 2016, Renewable World East Africa was honoured to be chosen as one of the winners of the USADF Power Africa Off-Grid Energy Challenge. This competition invited organisations to apply for $100,000 to promote innovative and sustainable ways to deliver reliable energy to under served communities.
HFW funding of Renewable World has supported our work in all our regions as well as providing pro-bono legal services for key corporate partnerships. We were pleased that HFW’s London HQ was the elegant venue for the launch of our ten-year Impact Report in December 2018. The Charles Hayward Foundation supported our Lighting Up Lake Victoria Programme in Kenya in 2015 and is now supporting our Lake Victoria pilot project which is developing solar-powered ice making, cold storage, and irrigation solutions in Kiwa Island, Kenya. This project will benefit over 1,000 people through the availability of ice, improved fish storage, and access to cheaper fresh vegetables. Importantly, it will also increase knowledge and evidence on appropriate and effective ice-making solutions that can be replicated in other isolated, fishing-dependent communities around Lake Victoria.
A new partner in 2018, EKOenergy, (an international non-profit ecolabel for renewable energy), through its Climate Fund, is a significant funder of our new Solar Energy for Community Resilience in Nepal Project, known as SECuRe. This project will reach more than 3,800 people with a solar-enabled flood-warning system, solar-enabled health services and provide some 100 domestic and small enterprise electricity connections for families and local entrepreneurs in flood-affected communities in Surkhet District.

We are delighted that the Unica Foundation, based in The Netherlands, has supported Renewable World’s work in Nepal since April 2018.  Unica is co-funding our current solar water pumping project in the Surkhet district that will reduce the burden women and girls face when collecting water from distant sources. The project will reach over 4,000 people including five schools.
The Pickwell Foundation first began supporting our work with a grant to our solar home systems programme in Nicaragua in 2016. Since then, The Trustees have invested significant funds to help grow our work in Lake Victoria, Kenya, with funding for additional electricity connections through our solar microgrids, as well as invaluable core funding to support and develop our UK Team. The Foundation’s flexible and supportive approach has made a huge difference to our ability to grow our work strategically. The Dulverton Trust first supported our Lighting Up Lake Victoria Programme in Kenya in 2016. More recently, The Trust has provided funding for a ground-breaking pilot project which will develop solar-powered ice making, cold storage, and irrigation solutions that are community-owned and managed, in Kiwa Island, Kenya. This project will benefit over 1,000 people through the availability of ice, improved fish storage, and access to cheaper fresh vegetables and, importantly, will increase knowledge and evidence on appropriate and effective ice-making solutions that can be replicated in other isolated, fishing-dependent communities around Lake Victoria.

We are grateful to The Souter Charitable Trust for its generous support to our work over a period of several years. With consistent support to our core work and specific projects in Nicaragua, Kenya and Nepal, the Trust is an important and highly valued partner.
The Green Room Charitable Trust

has provided invaluable funding to our global operations since it first began supporting our work in 2016. The Trust’s assistance has been instrumental in enabling us to grow our portfolio strategically, with a particular focus on strengthening our organisational and programming capacity in South Asia.


Corporate Partners

Whilst larger, multi-year grants fund the bulk of our programmes, smaller regular donations provide a bedrock of income and financial stability to design and deliver our work. We would also like to thank the many trusts, corporations, organisations, and individuals whose donations make our work possible. Your generous support is much appreciated.

The below corporations are a few of our valued supporters that are providing funding and support to our organisation:

A renewable energy industry supporter since our first days, EDF Renewables has been the biggest supporter of our flagship challenge event Earth Wind & Tyre. Renewable World Ambassador Christian Egal devised the Durham to Edinburgh route whilst CEO of EDF Renewables and the company has always supported with a large team of eager cyclists. RES and its employees have been raising funds for Renewable World since 2012 through runs, cycle rides, sponsorship, cake bake sales - you name it they have done it! The UK and Irish arms of the company have chosen Renewable World as their Charity of the Year for the last two years.
Our partnership with Rina started with support from Brighton-based OST Energy in 2014 with an arrangement that gave Renewable a percentage of the profit. When OST became part of Rina Consulting, Renewable World were delighted to be adopted as a chosen charity. Our highlight is the OST Energy's house band the G59ers’s epic win in Coffin Mews' corporate charity event 'When bands collide'. RenewableUK has been a loyal supporter of our work since our humble beginnings in 2007. As well as financial support, Renewable World has always been made welcome at RUK conferences and exhibitions as well as providing office space for board meetings in their London home.
Since 2013, Renewable World has been a chosen charity of the raffle at their prestigious Green Energy Awards attended by 1,200 industry professionals. In 2018 the raffle raised an extraordinary £17,000. We were introduced to Acre Properties through our Ambassador Gethin Jones and we haven’t looked back! Acre has supported our Energy Hub Programme in Kenya and are currently funding across a portfolio of projects in Nepal.
The Cleantech industry, the future of energy, is growing exponentially and Mint Selection is at the forefront when it comes to providing personnel to facilitate this growth. Their recruitment strengths lie within the clean energy market, providing the latest energy jobs in renewable energy, energy storage, energy finance, as well as other major disciplines in the clean energy industry. Mint Selection also is committed to supporting clean energy around the world, donating a percentage of profits to Renewable World.

To see the full list of our valued network of supporters, please visit our latest annual review and our latest 10-year impact report.

Historic Partnerships

We are grateful to and honoured by our past partners whom we have worked with over the last 10 years. These partnerships, among many others, were key to us reaching nearly 40,000 people since 2008.


Interested in becoming a corporate or project funding partner? Contact us – we would love to hear from you!