Our Technologies

We install a range of locally sourced, small scale renewable technologies to provide the energy or water that communities need.

Biogas Systems

Recycling organic waste for clean cooking energy and fertiliser    What is a biogas system? A biogas system relies on the natural interaction between microorganisms and organic wastes – such […]


Hydraulic Ram Pumps (Hydram)

Using the natural power of water to pump itself to mountain communities   What is a hydram? The hydraulic ram pump – commonly referred to as a hydram – pumps […]


Solar Multi-Use Water Systems (SolarMUS)

Using the sun and gravity to access easy, affordable, and reliable water in communities   What is a SolarMUS? Pronounced ‘solar moose’, this simple system is known for its solar-powered […]


Solar Microgrids

Using the sun to power homes, businesses, and farms   What is a Solar Microgrid? The solar microgrid is an integrated network or ‘grid’ of power. Think of it in […]


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