Global Impact

Since 2008 we have worked to provide energy, water, and clean cooking solutions to nearly 40,000 people living in off-grid communities around the world. These solutions when paired with our community-centred approach has meant climate resilient agriculture, new income opportunities, improved education, reduced health risks, and more. Learn more about our impact in our newly published 10-year impact report.

Interactive Project Map

Explore where we work with our interactive project map. Get a flavour for our current and completed projects across East Africa, South Asia, and Central America. Currently, we have active programmes in Kenya and Nepal.

Click on the arrow icon (to the left of the map’s title) to reveal the map’s legend.

A guide to the technologies and projects referenced in the map:

  • Energy Hubs: This refers to our ongoing work to collaborate with off-grid communities in Kenya to build, manage, and expand solar energy access. Our current work focuses on communities lining the shores of Lake Victoria. Alongside capacity building, training, and the establishment of community based organisations to manage the infrastructure, our microgrids have already been used to start new businesses, pump water for climate resilient farming, extend study hours for children, and more!
  • Powering Aquaculture Project: Completed in 2018, this refers to our pilot project in Bangladesh where we worked alongside two communities to install solar microgrids to increase the productive capacity of local fish hatcheries. In addition to powering the fish hatcheries, the solar microgrids were also able to supply energy to nearby households. Learn more about this project here.
  • The Mahogany Project: Completed in 2017, this refers to our work alongside 3 businesses located within a remote forest reserve in Nicaragua to set up a microcredit initiative. This microcredit initiative, paired with training of solar technicians, allowed households and small businesses living in the forest reserve to access sustainable solar energy systems. You can find out more the technology and the project here.

10-Year Impact Report

Read our 10-Year Impact Report and find out more about our work.