Our Value Add

Access to affordable and reliable energy services is critical in empowering poor people to lift themselves out of poverty.

Renewable World works to tackle poverty through renewable energy in poor, remote, off-grid communities where financial or geographical barriers prevent private sector solutions being effective.

Renewable World works with local partner organisations to sustainably improve health, education and income generating opportunities in poor communities in our programme countries.

Our work transforms lives

Access to energy enables communication and trade, supports the establishment of new income generating ventures and stimulates enterprise. Education is improved as children can study in the evenings, and schools can open later for adult education. Energy provision improves health through the use of clean lighting and cooking sources, and because clean water can be pumped direct to households. Healthcare is more accessible because clinics can keep vaccines, HIV tests and snakebite anti-venom in fridges.

This is where we come in. We consult people in the world’s poorest communities, assessing their needs and capabilities and establishing together how they can be provided with safe, renewable energy.

We and our partners provide the installation costs and technical expertise needed to set up renewable energy systems, but they are run by community members. Community project committees ensure that:

  • Maintenance is carried out.
  • Benefits of the projects are distributed fairly
  • An appropriate, sustainable tariff is set for energy use.*
  • Those who cannot afford to pay are not left out.

We are careful to ensure that every group within the community can contribute to planning and running the project: women, men, young people and people of every social background have their say.

*These tariffs cover the running/maintenance costs of the projects. They are not set for profit, and the money does not go to Renewable World or its partner organizations.

Our services

1. Designing projects to relieve poverty through providing energy access

2. Implementing sustainable projects to relieve poverty

We have developed a unique implementation model for successfully developing and installing small scale renewable energy systems in energy-poor communities for livelihood improvements.

3. Developing tool kits for the delivery of training workshops

These allow partner organisations to effectively deliver training on enterprise, governance, finance and technology maintenance to marginalised communities. Our tool kits provide a full range of approaches, utilising teaching strategies such as:

  • Presentations
  • Case Study Scenarios
  • Small and Large Group Discussions and Presentations
  • Field Visit
  • Participatory Activities

4. Technical expertise relating to small scale renewable energy systems in rural areas

Our team includes renewable energy specialists who  are experts at installing clean energy systems in remote and rural locations. This knowledge enables us to select the appropriate technology and infrastructure to tackle the specific issues faced by each of the communities we work with.

5. Enabling poor communities to increase income

We support communities to generate income relating to modern energy services.

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