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Help us pump clean water to remote Nepali communities

Can you imagine what life would be like with no running water in your home? With no water being piped to your village, and the nearest water source a 20-minute walk away?

In Nepal, 25% of rural communities do not have clean, sustainable, and reliable water access; 3,500 children die every year from waterborne diseases; and over 600 children under the age of five fall victim to diarrhoea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation.

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This situation impacts negatively on health, nutrition, education, and livelihood opportunities, and is getting worse because of climate change. As is so often the case, it is the poor and people living in remote communities that suffer most.

Surja Tiruwa from SanneghariSurja Tiruwa is 44 and lives in the remote village of Sanneghari, in Western Nepal. Water is the most valuable resource in Sanngehari, but Surja cannot physically collect enough of it from the nearby spring. Without water for irrigation, she can only grow crops for three months of the year, when the monsoon rains will water her crops for her. And so, despite having plenty of land, Surja struggles to grow enough food for her family.

In order to make ends meet, Surja had to make the heart-breaking decision of sending her 14-year-old son Puran across the border to India to work. The money he earns is sent back to Nepal so that Sujra can buy food for the rest of the family. Read Surja’s full story here

Harnessing the power of the sun to tackle Nepal’s water crisis

Since 2013, Renewable World has been promoting solar technology as a means of pumping water to rural communities in Nepal.

By installing a solar-powered water pump, we can lift water from a capped source to a storage tank located above the community, from where it is gravity fed down to individual tap stands outside family homes and within easy reach of fields.

The solar water pumping systems are able to pump up to 60,000 litres of water per day, and provide communities with easy access to water for drinking, cooking, washing, sanitation, agriculture and for their livestock.

Find out more about our Solar-Powered Water Pumping Programme.

To date, we have helped 12 communities in Nepal improve their access to water by installing a solar-powered water pumping system. But there are many more who are still in need of support.

Please help us pump water to even more remote communities in Nepal.

Just £25 could provide two families with access to solar-pumped water for a year, available from a tap stand located right outside their home.

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How improved access to water can change lives

Our solar water pumping programme not only helps to alleviate poverty, but it also mitigates against the effects of climate change. With improved access to water we see:

  • Improved health – through better nutrition and sanitation.
  • Increased income – by growing more crops and producing vegetables, which can be sold at market.
  • Time being freed up – with the time saved on water collection, people can instead devote their energy to more productive activities, like education and agriculture.

How your gift of water can help

  • £12 could pay for a tap stand to be installed outside a family home
  • £25 could provide two families with access to solar-pumped water for a year
  • £44 could train 25 people on how to set up their own vegetable nursery
  • £120 could provide a family with the training and equipment needed to carry out micro-irrigation
  • £372 could buy two solar panels, helping to power the water pump

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