We install a range of locally sourced, small scale renewable technologies to provide the energy or water that communities need.


‘No longer will we have to inhale smoke. All we have to do is light a match and the gas stove is on, which is so good for us’ – […]



What is hydram? The hydraulic ram pump is an automatic device which works on the principle of water hammer. Hydraulic ram pump uses the kinetic energy of falling water to […]


Solar Multi-Use Water System (SolarMUS)

Using the sun and gravity to access easy, affordable, and reliable water in communities   What is a SolarMUS? Pronounced ‘solar moose’, this simple system uses solar energy to pump […]


Solar Microgrids

‘This place was dark, so dark, anything can happen at night, the people’s houses were dark and businesses couldn’t do work after night…I now have light for my small children […]


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