Ten reasons to Run To The Beat for Renewable World

Why take part in Run To The Beat for Renewable World?!

Giving People a Sustainable Solution to Poverty

You will be helping to tackle poverty in some of the poorest parts of the world by supporting local partners to deliver pumped water and clean energy services to rural communities. With better access to electricity, fuel and water rural people can improve businesses and agriculture. They are also better able to access markets, either through use of IT equiptment and mobile phones or via collection centres. The link between energy access and povery reduction is so strong. By helping to provide access to energy and water, the small amount you give can be multiplied over and over, improving a persons income for a whole lifetime rather than just feeding them for an extra day.

Keeping Fit

Running inevitably gets you fit. If you are just starting out as a runner, training for a race can be a huge challenge. However, in some respects, by running for a charity, you get something back in return – a fitter, healthier and more active you.

Doing Good equals Feeling Good

Being a good and ethical person doesn’t always have to be completely selfless. In fact doing good things for others has actually been proven to make you happier. Apparently what’s known of as ‘helpers high’ can have a positive effect on happiness, health and even longevity. So by running the Run To The Beat 10k and raising money to help people in need, you can improve your own wellbeing too.

Meeting New People

Running for a charity gives you the chance to meet new people and be with fellow charity runners. If you run for a Renewable World then there’ll be plenty of you in the same boat, so you’ll never be without someone to turn to on race day should you be nervous, unsure or start to flag. There will certainly be some people from the charity on the sidelines willing you on.

Raising Awareness of the Charity

Running can help to raise awareness of Renewable World. A group of Renewable World runners kitted out in their running vests on race day can help bring us to public consciousness. During the course of your own fundraising you‘ll also be highlighting us and our cause to all of your friends, family and those kind individuals that back you.

Protecting the Environment

By running for Renewable World you will be supporting our work to to provide renewable energy to people living in energy poverty, Many of the people we work with rely upon biomass and expensive fossil fuels for cooking and lighting. By connecting them with a clean energy supply we save them stacks of time collecting firewood and reducing their likelihood of developing stroke, heart disease and obstructive pulmonary disease. Apart from hugely improving lives, the introduction of clean energy for cooking and lighting reduces carbon emissions and prevents deforestation.

Remembering a Loved One

There may be a personal reason for you wanting to run for Renewable World. For example if you or a loved one feel passionately about a particular issue such as protecting the environment. Running for a charity may help you feel like you’re doing your bit for the cause and it is a great way to help get involved for yourself and others. Often people are motivated by the memory of a loved one and you might even be able to encourage one of your friends to run for the same charity.

The Sense of Accomplishment

There’s nothing more rewarding than accomplishing a goal you set. Completing your Run To The Beat 10k will make you feel on top of the world.

Inspiring Others

Your life and actions impact others on a daily basis. You may think what you do doesn’t make a difference, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Run a 10k to inspire others to do something they thought was too tough or impossible. When others see you train and cross that finish line, someone will follow your lead and start running.

Fun Fundraising!

The fundraising can provide a great opportunity to organise a fun event – a race night or a quiz night for example – in your local pub, club, school, office or even at home with the family. Invite all your friends and enjoy the social aspects of the occasion, especially by knowing all the money will be going to a good cause. It can make you feel good about yourself by helping!

Memorable Experiences

It will be something that you will never forget! The event organisers like to pick the most scenic routes to make the experience as memorable as possible for participants. It’s great to have this achievement in your life that you can look back on and always be proud.

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