Achieving universal access to safe, clean energy requires innovative and collaborative solutions

We are proud of our strong network of communities, funding and implementing partners

To us, our most important partners are the communities that we work with. We strive to work alongside communities to co-create a network of active, engaged, and skilled citizens that make the most of their new renewable technologies. We partner with them to build, manage, and put to good use any renewable solution that is installed. To date, we have partnered with 84 communities around the world to tackle poverty through renewable energy.

That said, our work with communities depends on close collaboration with committed funders and knowledgeable local partners. We are confident in our strong and ever-growing partner network.

Funding Partners

We know the key to longevity and sustainability of renewable energy projects is community ownership, empowerment, and capacity building. However, we also know that we wouldn’t be able to do any of this work – both installing renewable technologies or working in tandem with communities – without the constant and generous support from our funding partners. 

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Corporate Partners

Whilst larger, multi-year grants fund the bulk of our programmes, smaller regular donations provide a bedrock of income and financial stability to design and deliver our work. We would also like to thank the many trusts, corporations, organisations, and individuals whose donations make our work possible. Your generous support is much appreciated.

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Programme Delivery Partners

We work with a network of established, on the ground partners to make our integrated and sustainable approach possible. Each partner is an expert in their own right and has an abundance of knowledge about the local context and needs of energy-poor communities. Through out projects we have worked with the likes of iDE, Sappros Nepal, and Osienala to achieve sustainable change.

Previous Funding Partners

We are grateful to all funding partners who have supported our work so far. These partnerships, among others, have been key to us reaching 40,000 people to date.

Visit our Reporting page to see our latest Annual Review and our 10-Year Impact Report and how our partners have supported our projects