Make a tax-free donation direct from your salary

If you’re looking for a simple and efficient way to support Renewable World, Payroll Giving could be the answer.

The scheme works by deducting your donation directly from your gross (pre-tax) salary. This means that you won’t pay a penny of income tax on your gift.

It also means that your gift will go even further in increasing access to clean, affordable and sustainable energy.

Sign up today:

> Complete a CAF Give As You Earn Donor Instruction Form.

> Pass it to your employer’s payroll department who will liaise with CAF.

> Then enjoy that warm, fuzzy feeling on payday, knowing that each pay cheque is helping to tackle poverty through renewable energy.

Setting up Payroll Giving at your company

This is a great way for companies to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility and commitment to the causes their employees care about. It’s quick and easy to set up and administer, and can help increase staff morale, retention and recruitment.

To offer the scheme, employers need to be registered with a Payroll Giving Agency (PGA).

If your company does not have a scheme, we recommend CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) as our preferred provider.

Have any questions about Payroll Giving?

Please contact us via email at or by calling us at +44 (0)1273 076 050