Raise funds, (em)power families

Fundraising should be fun! It’s in the name, after all. Whether doing it alone, with friends, or with family, we want to provide you with the tools and inspiration that make it not only fun but easy too. Below you will find resources and details on how to start a fundraiser.

So, whether you choose to grab your trainers, jump on your bike, or bake up a storm, today is the day to make a change!

If you’re ready to start your fundraiser, then click on the button below to set up your online fundraising page today. You will be prompted to login or sign up to Enthuse (previously known as Charity Checkout – our preferred online fundraising portal), then simply follow the step-by-step process to get your fundraising page live.

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It’s as easy as 1-2-3…4!

Brainstorm that perfect idea

Create your fundraising page

Share your fundraiser by email, social, or post

Raise funds and celebrate your impact

Looking for some inspiration?

Donate your day: ask friends and family to donate in lieu of birthday or wedding gifts.

Get physical: host a football tournament at a nearby field and charge per person.

Get creative: create your own art and sell it for clean energy.

Cook and celebrate: hold a BBQ, dinner party, or movie night with friends.

Rock on: perform with your band or friends and charge admission for clean water.

These are just a few ways to raise funds for our clean energy and safe water solutions. There are many others! Compete in a race and raise money for each mile completed, join with friends to co-host a weekly yoga gathering for £5 per session, or get your classroom to hold a bake sale. The possibilities are endless!

Check out what other renewable world-changers are doing!

Six female rowers standing on the bank of a river, each woman is holding up a tall rowing oar that towers above their heads.

All Systems Row will circumnavigate Great Britain

Starting in June 2022, these six determined women will row over 2,000 nautical miles in the GB Row Challenge race. They will attempt to complete the circumnavigation unassisted, in a bid to beat the current female World Record of 51 days. All Systems Row are hoping to raise £9,000 for Renewable World through this incredible challenge. You can support their challenge here.

a participant who has started a fundraiser

Harry started his own candy business

Harry started his own sweets company, Sugar Boy, back in 2017. It has been growing ever since. He now has 10 candy variations, each linked to their own charity. We were lucky enough to be selected, and now £1 from every jar of his ‘Bright Lights’ candy is donated to Renewable World.

Acre Properties and Gethin Jones did some filthy fundraising

One of our fab corporate partners and our most generous Ambassador teamed up to take on a Tough Mudder challenge. They rustled up a team of 25 to complete the 5-mile obstacle course, crawling under barbed wire, through the mud and over the Block Ness Monster. In the process, a phenomenal £11,404 was raised for Renewable World!

Fundraising Resources

Please find below some valuable materials that can be used to boost your fundraising. The Fundraising Pack includes more detailed information on how to set up and share your fundraiser. It also includes information on what your donations can help to fund, as well as logos, photos, and posters that you can use! We are also sharing a link to our YouTube account so that you can share videos about Renewable World with your friends and family.


If you need anything else to help you along in your fundraising journey, then please do get in touch, we are always available to chat if you need some support. Further, if you would like to share photos of your fundraiser with us, we would be happy to hear from you! We love seeing the incredible work of our supporters. Who knows, we may just feature you as a fundraising all-star on our social media. Contact us at events@renewable-world.org or +44 (0)1273 076 050.