Presented by actress Amita Suman

On Sunday 12 March 2023, Amita Suman presented our appeal to bring safe water to remote communities and schools in Nepal.

A close up of actress Amita Suman. Photo credit: Joseph Sinclair

“It’s easy to take water for granted here in the UK, but having grown up in a tiny Nepalese village with no water, no plumbing, and no electricity, I know just how much of a difference this appeal will make to hundreds of people who are being left behind.

Renewable World are a fantastic charity to support, having already brought clean water to 20,000 people and 20 schools in Nepal, so I couldn’t feel more passionate about asking people to support this appeal.”

– Amita Suman

(Photo credit: Joseph Sinclair)

A gift of just £35 could give someone like Sumitra access to safe water, ensuring they can stay healthy, in school and shape their future for the better.

Our appeal was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 12 March at 07:54 and 21:25, and again on Thursday 16 March at 15:27. It is also available to listen to online or via the BBC Sounds app.

A BBC Radio 4 Appeal

Sumitra’s Story

14-year-old Sumitra from remote Chatdanda village in Gulmi District helps her mother collect water every morning. It takes her an hour to walk down the steep path to the spring and back up again, carrying a 15-litre container of water on her hip. This makes her tired and late for school. In class, she struggles to concentrate. Without a ready supply of water, Sumitra often misses days of school during her period.

The nearest water source lies far below the village, two and a half kilometres away. The Renewable World team in Nepal is helping Sumitra’s community install a solar-powered system that will lift water up the 200m climb to her village.

  • Sumitra sitting outside her house with her mother and younger sister
  • A view of a mountainous landscape in Nepal, with hilltop communities in the foreground and snowy mountain peaks shrouded by clouds in the background. In the centre of the image lies Kabre Pokhai - where Sumitra goes to school.

With your support, we can lift water to more hilltop communities and schools across Nepal.

Our impact last year

5,615 people with improved access to water
725 new tap stands fitted
22,807 people reached in 2021-22

Your donation can help make a better future for a child like Sumitra.

Will you join us today?

Thank you.

Please note that any Gift Aid claimed on top of your donation to our appeal will be treated as unrestricted funding and may be used to support any aspect of our work.