Carbon Offsetting, Here We Come

October 28, 2019

Working to bring renewable energy to power-poor communities with Octopus Energy

The beginning of an impactful partnership

This year, the Renewable Energy Association awarded Octopus Energy ‘the company that’s done the most in the past year to advance UK renewables’. We explore how our partnership with Octopus Energy is helping to build a sustainable future…

It started when Renewable World Manager Helen Russell signed up to Octopus Energy and received a welcome email from Founder and CEO Greg Jackson. Greg personally emails all new customers, inviting them to get in touch to provide feedback. When Helen replied introducing Renewable World, Greg was keen to find out more!

Octopus Energy now partner with us on our Carbon Offsetting Programme. For customers on their Super Green tariff all carbon emissions created in both the production and the consumption of natural gas are carbon offset. All Octopus tariffs also use 100% electricity from renewable sources.

Renewable World projects help empower local communities with innovation in clean energy tech. Our clean energy hubs provide whole new careers and income streams in the communities they work with, and return agency to local people and businesses who’ve been constrained by unreliable, high-polluting energy sources.

Find out more about Ng’ore’s transition to renewable hub in this video:

Why we chose to partner with Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy are disrupting the energy market, with a mission to make the eco?friendly choice the easy choice. All Octopus Energy tariffs use 100% green electricity and they’re no more expensive than competitors’ non?green tariffs. Switching takes less time than boiling an egg, and 91% of customers rate Octopus as 5* Excellent on TrustPilot.

Founder and CEO of Octopus Energy, Greg explains more…

Octopus Investments, the investment firm backing Octopus Energy, is the UK’s largest investor in solar power, responsible for nearly 40% of the nation’s large scale solar generation.

Marie Hounslow, Head of Fundraising, Renewable World: “We were struck by how passionate Greg and the entire Octopus team were with regards to renewable forms of energy, sustainability and diversity. It really chimes with our beliefs and mission.

We feel there is excellent synergy between Octopus Energy and Renewable World – two organisations working together to create fairer, more sustainable and efficient energy to customers and communities.

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is a balancing act that cancels out the carbon emissions produced through using natural gas in your home.

Put simply, offsetting means buying carbon credits equivalent to your carbon impact. This means you compensate for every tonne of CO2 you emit by ensuring there is one tonne less in the atmosphere. And because one unit of CO2 has the same climate impact wherever it is emitted, the benefit is the same wherever it is offset too. It is a recognised way for companies and individuals to take responsibilities for their unavoidable carbon emissions – and reach carbon neutrality.

How does carbon offsetting work for Octopus Super Green customers?

Octopus measure the carbon footprint of all the gas used by their Super Green customers, and save the world carbon by the same amount.

The process is effortless for Super Green customers. We work with ClimateCare, a pioneer and leader in the use of carbon finance for community-based development projects, to offset all Super Green customers’ carbon emissions. We deliver our 100% Gold Standard carbon offsetting commitments by investing in projects to bring cheap, green energy to fuel-poor communities around the world, including the delivery of clean cooking stoves to families in Nepal and China, as well as investing in a 30MW solar farm in India. The result is a cleaner, more sustainable future for others.

Want to learn more?

You can learn more about our new partnership and programme with Octopus Energy by reading the following:

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Switch to Octopus Energy for your home energy supply by following this link and they will donate £50 to Renewable World.

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