COVID-19: Update from Nepal

May 27, 2021

COVID-19 is devastating Nepal

A devastating second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has swept up from India over the long porous border into neighbouring Nepal, filling up available hospitals and decimating families with official cases vastly underrepresenting the true story of tragedy.

The poor, remote and underserved communities we support in Western Nepal were already suffering the effects of climate change on their fragile agricultural livelihoods. Fortunately, those who Renewable World has already been able to support through our projects and the delivery of renewable energy technology will be in a better position to weather this pandemic. Through our Energy for Health project we have recently equipped ten rural health posts with solar energy systems allowing them to provide much needed additional medical facilities for communities.

Helping communities breath through the pandemic

Because of his growing age, 76-year-old Jas Bahadur Rana experiences trouble breathing. He used to have to travel for more than four hours on foot to access medication through a nebuliser at the district hospital. With the installation of a solar system at his local health post, he can now accesses the care he needs within his own community.

Thanks to Renewable World and whole team for the installation of solar-powered electrification in Aapgaira Health Post. Now, people with a breathing problem can access treatment effortlessly.”

The pandemic’s impact on our work

In line with guidelines, we have acted swiftly to protect our team, partners and communities by stopping all community level work and sending our team home. This essential action will potentially delay project delivery timelines and cost the charity tens of thousands of pounds. We aim to re-start work as soon as it is safe to do so and will prioritise resources for immediate technical and infrastructure delivery. We will keep project donors informed as the situation progresses.

Our response to the pandemic

Our communities, partners and local government are asking for support. Whilst we are not a humanitarian aid charity, we will work within our mission to support the communities we work in. We have committed to providing around £5,000 of emergency funding to help the communities we currently support with essential COVID-19 aid. This is the right thing to do as Nepal urgently needs our help. KP Sharma Oli, the Prime Minister of Nepal, recently wrote in an open letter to the UK:

“Our sherpas are known for sharing their oxygen with struggling climbers at high altitude. Today, COVID-19 is leaving our country breathless and so we are looking for the “sherpas” of the international community. We are pleading with our friends around the world to urgently provide us with essential medical items.”

What can you do?

We are appealing to our global family to support Nepal. Please help us support the poorest and hardest to reach communities during these challenging COVID-19 times.  Thank you.

Matt Stubberfield

CEO, Renewable World