Earth Wind & Tyre 2022: Proudly Supported by Derwent Hydro

May 19, 2022
A group of cyclists riding in a line along a country road, with onshore wind turbines in the background

Introducing Returning Bronze Sponsor Derwent Hydro

Derwent Hydroelectric Power Ltd (Derwent Hydro) is a specialist, family-run, hydroelectric power company. Founded in 1988, the company operates fourteen small Hydroelectric Power (HEP) generating stations around the UK. Derwent Hydro also offers a wide range of services to the HEP sector, including scheduled and reactive servicing, web-logging, administration, design, licensing and project management. We are delighted that Derwent Hydro have chosen to sponsor Earth Wind & Tyre for a third year and due to their vision, they are perfectly aligned with the Renewable World mission!


Why Earth Wind & Tyre?

Derwent Hydro aims to positively affect people and the planet, primarily through the use of hydroelectric power. This is achieved in the UK predominantly by producing renewable electricity and supporting others to do likewise, so it was a great fit for them to sign up to support Earth Wind & Tyre 2022.

Their partnership with this year’s Earth Wind & Tyre event allows their vision to reach beyond the UK’s borders; providing renewable technologies, knowledge and skills to benefit people who they would otherwise be unable to support.

Support for Renewable World

Director Dean Needle comments ‘We admire Renewable World’s vision of a world ‘where renewable energy is readily accessible to all, helping to end extreme poverty and mitigate climate change,’ and we are proud to support this initiative.’