The final round-up

April 19, 2012

Well, its the last day of EWEA2012, and its been action-packed, and a great way to end the conference. We made the most of the last chance to get a few more pledges – and were pleased to get one from GWEC, the Global Wind Energy Council – the Global trade association working to create a better political environment for wind energy. Thanks GWEC!

Neil, our CEO was speaking in the closing session alongside Christian Kjaer, CEO of EWEA, so I helped out with a few last minute tasks, finalising the slides to accompany his presentation.  And during his speech we were delighted that he was able to formally announce that Christian has agreed to join the Board of Renewable World, and will in fact be joining us for his first board meeting next week. So now with trustees from EWEA, EDF-ER, EON and RenewableUK (and another new trustee to be announced soon!), our board will truly reflect the breadth of our support across the Renewable Energy Industry.  Anyway, in case you missed Neil’s speech (as I did – busy working on the stand!) here it is – a great way to finish off my blog from a successful EWEA2012 event:
Ladies & Gentlemen
It is has been fascinating listening to you all speak about what you have learnt this week at EWEA.
One of the things that has struck me listening to the conversation is the strong and vibrant future that exists for the industry. Success brings with it challenges – these are related to the sector’s increased role in energy provision and energy security, as well as increasing size, geographical footprint and profile.
The world, however, has changed rapidly since 2008 and continues to be influenced by turbulent economic forces. In this context expectations are not just that the industry will contribute to global progress, but that it will also promote more equitable and sustainable growth. In the present economic circumstances companies are facing increasing calls to show the societal aspects of their work, alongside the economic value.

Renewable World is at the forefront of helping the Renewable Energy industry to consider and articulate its response to some of these social issues. The organization has been most active in delivering results and creating positive change to promote energy access for some of poorest consumers in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

We are now working successfully with over 50 leading members of the industry – most of whom have attended the conference this week – to channel resources, skills and expertise to promote the development of affordable reliable, clean, energy services for the poorest communities across the globe, where significant barriers to market prevent commercial players responding to consumer need. We see ourselves as playing a vital role to kick start market activity through the provision of renewable energy, coupled with income generation opportunities, to promote and enhance the possibility of market based solutions bringing more sustainable livelihoods, health & education to these isolated regions. 
This is a positive message to share with stakeholders across the industry regarding the leadership role the sector can play in promoting societal and economic value. We are delighted that Christian Kjaer, CEO of EWEA, has agreed to join the Board of Renewable World to help spread this message across the industry.
As part of this work Renewable World is playing an active role in the United Nations International Year of Sustainable Energy for All (IYSEA), 2012 – a campaign initiated and lead by Ban Ki Moon; If the world were a village of 100 people today 19 would have no electricity at all and 39 would lack access to modern energy services. The International Year of Sustainable Energy for All 2012 seeks to promote access to affordable clean energy services for everyone on the planet, double the use of renewable energy and enhance energy efficiency.
International media attention on the campaign will help shine a spotlight on the role renewable energy can play in improving the lives of the poorest consumers in the world. Now is the right time for the industry to continue to show increased leadership and action on the issue energy access.
As part of Renewable World’s contribution to the UN International Year of Sustainable Energy for All we are we are providing a unique opportunity for companies to demonstrate their commitment to the initiative. We are asking individuals, staff groups and companies to pledge their support for Year of Sustainable Energy for All, and have developed a pledge board on our website where you can sign up and indicate your or your companies support for the campaign.
If you wish to further enhance your reputation and increase the interest from your customers and stakeholders, you can go beyond that and join the over 50 companies across the industry who work directly with us to improve the provision of affordable, reliable energy to some of the poorest consumers in the world. Please visit our website today to pledge your support for the campaign or talk to me or any member of my team about how you can get further involved to make a difference in 2012.

Thank you all, and I wish you a successful year of sustainable energy for all!!