Forging a unique relationship

April 8, 2011

The renewable energy industry is filled with dedicated and passionate individuals with a strong commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of power generation and great expertise in stakeholder engagement.

With the right business models, social investment and corporate responsibility strategies in place, the renewable energy sector can continue to expand its responsible business role. This will generate wealth creation, in Europe and beyond, making a unique and meaningful contribution to the development of wider society, including enhancing access to affordable energy to some of the 1.4 billion people living without electricity.

Renewable World works in Africa, Asia and Central America to tackle poverty, working with local partners to optimise the sustainability and development impact of small-scale renewable energy systems. Our work focuses on remote, off-grid settings with populations who presently cannot afford, or are not serviced by, private energy providers. We have worked diligently over the past 15 months to improve, enhance and articulate our distinctive role in the provision of affordable, reliable clean energy to off-grid communities. As a result we have identified six key contributions (see diagram below) that Renewable World offers programme partners, largely as result of our unique relationship with the renewable energy industry, business schools and skill sets across the organization. 

Access to energy services can, if supported well, enable communication and trade, support new income generating ventures and stimulate enterprise. Similarly, health and education opportunities can be improved through: clean water pumped direct to households; enhanced healthcare and education facilities; schools opening for longer hours and; increased access to information technology. to exemplify just a few outcomes of our work. These examples demonstrate that this kind of support, channelled to our programme partners, really enables Renewable World to transform lives.

The six key contributions that Renewable World can offer to programme partners in bringing, clean, affordable energy to off-grid communities.