GB Age Group Triathlete Supports Renewable World

February 4, 2011

As I’m sure you are aware Renewable World are again using the London Triathlon to raise funds for their small scale renewable energy projects that tackle poverty in developing countries.

My name is David Wilson and I work in the Renewable Energy Insurance team at Bluefin Insurance Services. I have been doing triathlons since late 2006 and have represented GB at age group level in the Czech Republic, Spain, Ireland and Hungary. Between now and the event on the 30th July I will be  sharing some of my experiences, both good and bad, with you in the hope that I can encourage you to take part.

For those of you who are considering entering the event, I urge you to take the plunge for two reasons. Firstly the sponsorship you raise will help support a very worthwhile cause and enable the research and projects to continue, and secondly I guarantee that the exhilaration and pride that you feel on completing a triathlon is amazing!

For those who do enter, or have already entered, I would like to welcome you to the triathlon family, one of the fastest growing and most inclusive sports in the UK. Having personally competed in running races, football and other sports the camaraderie in triathlon has never ceased to amaze me.

As well as sharing my experiences over the coming months, I aim to be able to give you tips on training, links to training videos on specialist areas such as transitions, and be available to give advice or encouragement when needed. There is also the possibility (if there is enough interest) of arranging a training day where we will do an open water swim acclimatisation, transition, bike and run.

We have also arranged a facility with triathlon shop which will give you a 10% reduction on any items purchased as well as making a 5% contribution to Renewable World. Further details will follow shortly.

In the next blog I will tell you all about my first triathlon (friends watching on the shore were in stitches at my swim effort) as well as further details of the discounts we have arranged. After that we will start the blogs aimed at getting you to the day fully prepared for the race and any eventualities that may arise.

I understand that Renewable World will add a link to their Facebook page, but if you’d also like to follow my season you can link into my Facebook page.

Alternatively if you would like any further advice or encouragement please do not hesitate to contact me on

I look forward to working with you all in the future. Your in sport. David.