International Day for Natural Disasters

October 12, 2011

Did you know that Thursday 13th of October is the ‘International Day for Natural Disasters’? The day is organised every year by the UN with the aim of raising awareness about disasters and what we can do to reduce our risk.

The theme of this year’s day is about how children and young people can be partners in disaster risk reduction plans and activities. The number of people affected by weather related disasters is due to rise from 250 million a year to 375 million a year by 2015 and children are likely to be disproportionately affected.

Although Renewable World does not specifically work on disaster risk reduction, we work in countries which are highly vulnerable to disasters. Last month our Programme partners in Nepal experienced an earthquake which measured 6.9 on the Richter scale and there have also been both floods and droughts across other countries we where we work in East Africa and Central America.

We are working across our programmes to try and build people’s resilience through the provision of renewable energy systems which improve health, education and income generation opportunities which are vital if people are to withstand the impacts of disasters.

Renewable World recognises the importance of International Disaster Risk Reduction day and encourages our supporters to do the same by supporting the international campaign ‘Step Up’ for disaster risk reduction.

What can you do?

Click here to find out more about the day and what people are doing in different parts of the world and show your support by sharing your thoughts about disaster risk reduction via Twitter using the hashtag: #iddr11, or by writing on the wall for event Facebook page.