Mount Toubkal/Jbel Toubkal

August 12, 2013

SOUTH of Marrakesh, Morocco, the Atlas mountains’ highest point looms above the rest of North Africa.

Mount Toubkal, or Jbel Toubkal to the Berbers who make a living in the Atlas range’s peaks, stands at 4,167m high, making it the highest point anywhere in North Africa.

And we have five places avaialble for anyone who’d like to take on the challenge of scaling it.

Along with five other charities, we have spaces for one team of five on the Endure Mount Toubkal challenge, set up by the Endure Foundation.

The challenge will take place in October, and as well as the chance to scale Toubkal itself, it will also be a chance to experience first-hand the life of Berbers in the region, at the same time as helping raise money with which we can provide power to people in the developing world, improving education, health, nutrition, water pumping and hygiene, training and incomes.

No mountaineering experience is necessary, but the trek through the mountain range can be challenging, especially when trekking at higher altitude.

The scenery is stunning, and experiencing the way of life living in the mountains with the Berbers is very special. 

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