Nepal Solar Farming - Photo Essay by Kristin Lau

December 1, 2015

Kristin Lau is a documentary photographer based in Toronto, Canada. She recently visited Nepal, seven months after the crippling earthquake that shook the country and during the midst of a the current political crisis which has left the country without access to fuel, kerosene or cooking gas. Through a series of photo essays, Kristin has looked at the struggles faced by people in Nepal at the moment and how solar energy is changing their lives.

As part of her trip, Kristin visited one of Renewable World’s SolarMUS (Multi Use Water System) project sites in the village of Jharlyangdi in Walling, Syangja District where a solar powered pump lifts water from the valley below to a tank above the community on the hill. Access to water from tap stands outside each house gives families back time they would otherwise use for collecting water and gives farmers water to irrigate their crops.

Find¬†Kristin’s photo essay here.