Patricia Mbogo: reflections from the field

October 24, 2014

We’d like to Introduce you to Patricia who joined the East Africa team as the Senior Regional Project Manager in July 2014, bringing a wealth of experience in programmes and project management. She has taken some time to tell us a bit about her experiences at Renewable World so far


I joined Renewable World because I am passionate about bringing change to the lives of marginalised people. I feel important being part of a team that promotes regional growth, aimed at increasing income levels here in my home country of Kenya and beyond

As the Regional project Manager I work with communities and partner organisations to help resolve the issues of poverty through renewable energy provision.

The disadvantaged communities I work with live in remote areas and have no access to power for business or home life. It is interesting work and I enjoy making a difference to the lives of people who have very little but still smile all day.

There is so much potential in the communities I meet, but this can only become a reality if they are given the chance to use it. Like you or me their lives are dramatically altered with access to energy.  Through Renewable World’s intervention they are able to develop energy oriented business models that are community owned and sustained.

A large part of my job is to make sure that our technology addresses the needs of poor communities. By participating and engaging with the projects, people become masters of their own destiny.

Our brilliant implementing partners run workshops and training sessions to help communities decide how they would like to use the energy, as well as to teach them how to manage the equipment.

Renewable World has developed clean renewable energy system models that are easily understood by the community. They are one of a kind and are being used to help people work and power their way out of poverty.

I am always learning too. Working with dynamic communities living along Lake Victoria has changed my approach to development. I have discovered that it is very important to understand their culture and way of living before designing projects for them.

I am also responsible for monitoring and evaluating the success of the projects. This way we make sure that we achieve the right results and impacts.

It has been very rewarding working for Renewable World, partly due to the support that I have received from the Renewable World team and especially my supervisors. The regional staff have been instrumental in sharing their experiences of working with the communities in their region. It has also been incredibly rewarding working in the communities and seeing change in action.