Qmarkets Support our Lake Victoria Appeal

February 22, 2017

Working together to light up Lake Victoria

Qmarkets, the leading global provider of enterprise idea & innovation management software, recently partnered with Renewable World, to help provide renewable energy to communities on the shores of Lake Victoria, Kenya.

Every year Qmarkets allocates a significant budget towards wishing their contacts a happy holiday season, however in 2016 it was decided that this budget could be spent in a somewhat more meaningful way.

Qmarkets’ VP of Marketing Eran Tsur shared:

We heard about the brilliant life-changing work that Renewable World is doing across the globe, and we felt that partnering with them could be our way to contribute to this noble cause while at the same time- share this gift of giving with our amazing customers and partners.

Our Fundraising Manager, Marie Hounslow, reflects:

We were delighted when Qmarkets decided to support our Lake Victoria Appeal that has helped bring access to energy to fishing communities in Kenya. We thought this was a wonderful and thoughtful way of celebrating the holiday season and raising awareness of the work we do to tackle energy poverty in developing countries. Thank you so much to Qmarkets for choosing us.

You can find out more about our work in Lake Victoria and how we are using renewable energy to improve the lives of fishing communities living on the Lake’s shore here.

Partnering with the Renewable World on this special project was our way to contribute and to say thank you to all our contacts who helped make 2016 such a great year for us”, says Noam Danon, Qmarkets’ CEO. “We are proud to take part in this life-changing initiative”, adds Mr. Danon. “and we’re especially proud to see that our contacts have appreciated this project.

Renata Dev?i?, Head of Marketing at Mercury Processing Services International, shared her feedback on the initiative:

“I am very proud and touched to be part of this worthy cause, and I give genuine thanks to Qmarkets for being included in the project and for them taking this initiative in the first place. The Certificate of Recognition I received gave me much joy and happiness, and I truly believe that only by working together we can make the world a better place for all the people and especially the children who will carry on our legacy.”

We would like to say a huge thank you to Qmarkets and all their clients for supporting our appeal and helping us bring electricity to fishing communities on the shore of Lake Victoria. Thanks to their support our appeal raised over £4,500!