Salsa for Solar

August 23, 2016

Salsa fundraiser raises hundreds of pounds in its second year

Renewable World was delighted to co-host a ‘Salsa for Solar’ fundraising event with Bandstand Bailando on Wednesday 17 August for a second year running.

The event at Brighton Bandstand saw people of all abilities take part in an evening of salsa dancing, raising an amazing £367.11 to go towards Renewable World’s work.

The salsa group ‘Bandstand Bailando’ hold regular salsa dancing sessions throughout the summer, but last week’s event was held in aid of Renewable World and will help to provide power, fuel and water to energy-poor communities across the world.

After hearing about Renewable World, Bandstand Bailando organiser Patricia La Souza felt motivated to arrange a fundraising event in 2015 to help power people out of poverty. She explained: “I wanted to do a proper midsummer fundraiser when lots of people attend – people don’t have to pay for the dancing so I thought they wouldn’t mind putting a couple of pennies into a pot for a good cause.” Last year’s event raised over £260 of valuable funds and we were thrilled that Patricia chose to kindly support us for a second year running.

Sarah Donnelly, Vice Chair of Renewable World, attends the Bandstand Bailando event every week and said: “This event is really important as it raises funds but also helps to raise awareness of Renewable World.  We are extremely lucky that we have readily available power to play music so we can dance on the bandstand. With Renewable World I visited communities in Kenya where women spend many gruelling hours every day collecting water and firewood. There is no such thing as leisure time in their lives. We should celebrate how lucky we are to be able to dance by the sea in our spare time, and help those who cannot even imagine this luxury.”

We would like to say a special thank you to Patricia for choosing to support Renewable World once again and to all the dancers and spectators who generously supported our work on the night.

‘Bandstand Bailando’ is held free every Wednesday on Brighton Bandstand from 19:30 to 22:00 – all are welcome to join.