Sunrise runners

April 17, 2012

So today started at an early hour – meeting a group of enthusiastic runners at Nyhavn harbour as the sun came up. This mornings Business Run (combining exercise and networking)  organised by the lovely Anders and Katrin from Flensborg & Asssociates was an inspiring and fun event.

Sunrise warm-up exercises

After some fun warm-up exercises led by Kenneth and Jacob, two Danish national running champions, the four groups (5k fast and slow, 10k fast and slow) were off, leaving my colleague Bonnie and I to look after bags (thankfully in the warmth of Anders' very comfy car!).  No major mishaps except for two lost runners who came in first due to shaving a kilometer off the course, but with the emphasis on networking, no-one was counting times. And then a fascinating chance to visit an A2SEA Jack Boat (for putting up wind turbine masts).  The runners were clearly pleased to be supporting a good cause along with getting some fresh air and some who couldn't make it but promised a donation instead. Bonnie and I were touched by a generous gesture from the Kenneth and Jacob to donate their fee to Renewable World too.  With Anders and Katrin inspired to make it bigger and better next year I'm really looking forward to working with them to promote it as an exciting and growing event in the industry networking calendar
But now back to the conference for another busy day on the stand.  First though – breakfast!  Don't know about the runners but I am starving from just watching them!