Taylor Hopkinson Take On Tough Mudder!

August 27, 2013

SO how was your Summer Bank Holiday weekend?

Here at Renewable World, our UK-based team took some time to recharge their batteries (no pun intended), while our field staff continued their work delivering power from renewable resources to communities in the developing world.

So far so normal, we agree.

But on Sunday August 25th, our latest heroes in green took on something rather more daring, the Tough Mudder challenge, and won!

Fiona McRae, Tom Hopkinson, Jeff Anderson, Neil Brown, Jamie Taylor and Rebecca Magee, from the green energy recruitment organisation Taylor Hopkinson took on the 12 mile test of physical endurance near Edinburgh to raise money for Renewable World.

Only 78 per cent of people who take on the challenge actually cross the finish line, not least because as well as climbing high walls, crawling through mud racing through fire and drenched in ice-cold water, but also being electrocuted with 10,000 Volts!

But our six heroes stepped up to the challenge, and crossed the line together.

Fiona McRae said: ‘It was good fun, but hard-going. I don’t think any of us could have completed it alone, but we all helped each other along the way. It was a good laugh. We were all helping each other out. It was by no means easy, and we’re all in quite a lot of pain now, but it was really good.’

The group chose to take part to raise money for Renewable World because of the work we do delivering energy from renewable resources to remote communities in the developing world.

Fiona said: ‘We set up four years ago, and our focus is totally on renewable energy, so Renewable World was a perfect fit. The work it does uses renewable energy to help make people’s lives better, so it really ticks every box. We wanted to raise money for something which used renewable energy to really help people improve their lives, so Renewable World is perfect.’

They faced hardcore obstacles, including 12-foot wall climbs and underground mud tunnels as well as the fire, ice-water and electrocutions mentioned above.

Fiona said: ‘It was painful to be electrocuted. We had to crawl through mud and wires were hanging down. It was very hard to avoid them all. But when we crossed the line, we were met with a pint. That was a very good feeling! It was great we all worked so hard together and pulled through.’

You can still donate to the Taylor Hopkinson team – and us – at: http://www.justgiving.com/tha, or via text by texting THAA88 followed by your amount (£) to 70070