"There is hope, there is a future..."

January 28, 2013

I feel blessed to have helped out with the BBC Lifeline Appeal for Renewable World. It has been a short trip, but we've fitted a lot in! I've been super impressed with the team here – they are absolutely dedicated to the bigger picture of lifting people out of poverty and enabling them to take control of their futures. It takes special people to sacrifice what they do to help others – they have all my respect and admiration.

The final photo of the shoot with the team: Gethin with Gavin Ahern and Kemi Majekodunmi of the BBC, Iain FitzGerald, Lata Shrestha and Nick Virr of Renewable World 

During an emotional moment in the Tanke region, the CEO of Renewable World managed to rope me into taking part in the London Triathlon this summer to raise money for this great cause.
How could I say no? I’m still in the early stages of planning, but I'll no doubt be in contact with you all soon with asking for your help!

Gethin sets up an interview at one of the water taps with Regional Programme Manager Nick while Gavin and Kemi look on

It was a wonderful feeling leaving the families we had met, knowing that despite the fact life in the foothills of the Himalayas will always be really tough, life for them is now worth living.
There is hope. There is a future. They will grow vegetables to feed their children. They will have enough to make an income. The children will go to school – and so the positive cycle of sustainability continues. 

Gethin helps a local boy with a load of hay 

I've decided to stay on in Nepal for a couple of days to see some of the awesome mountains! I've always wanted to get close to Everest, and maybe even try and climb it one day (and I really don't mean that as as a throwaway comment!!), but seeing as I have three days this time around, the only way is using an engine and wings! Fog permitting I will be up close and personal on Sunday…
I've also been asked to play for a local football team tomorrow – can't wait! And then on Monday I will be taking an 80 km mountain bike trip into the mountains… the triathlon training starts now! I'm definitely going to get lost. And I realised that after one look of the map was given…
Speak later, 
Head over to Gethin's website for more about the man himself and tune in to BBC One on 17th February  to see the full 9 minute BBC Lifeline Appeal for Renewable World.