Time for an early night...

February 16, 2011

Hello everyone, my name is Melanie Matthews and I am Renewable World’s Marketing Director. I’m responsible (along with my small team) for our communications and fundraising. Over the next week or so I’ll be blogging from Nicaragua where I’ll be visiting Renewable World’s programme.  Its my first visit to Central America, and my first experience of Renewable World in the ‘field’, so I am sure I’ll be learning a lot!

There are a few reasons for this trip. One is to understand our programme work in depth.My job is to bring our work to life for our donors and supporters and while you can do that pretty well based on research and reports, my past experience in other charities has shown me that nothing beats face to face contact with the people who do the work, and those whose lives are changed by it.

The second reason is to bring back reports of how the money is being spent.  Last year Daniel Rafferty and 80 people from the renewables industry raised a staggering £29,954 through running4renewables – and thanks to company supporters every penny of that is going direct to our overseas programme work. Daniel will be joining me (also paid for by a company donation) and he and I will be checking out the health centre at Monkey point where the new vaccine fridge is being powered by renewable energy.  When so many people put in so much effort last year we think its vital that they get the chance to find out exactly what a difference their money has made.  And we hope it might encourage lots more people to sign up this year!

Finally, my boss Neil and I will be meeting with our partner blueEnergy to find out more about their forthcoming activities so that Renewable World can work with them to build their capacity to help even more communities in Nicaragua, and so that I am fully armed with all the information I need to put forward strong fundraising applications to trusts and companies and keep the money coming in!

I hope you enjoy my blog, and finding out more about our work in Nicaragua alongside me. Right – better get an early night – alarm set for 4am to get the bus to Heathrow!