People, Power, Partnership

The way we work is unique. Yes, renewable energy technologies are important for a sustainable planet; however, empowered people are critical to the longevity and effectiveness of those technologies. Because of this, we aren’t only technology experts (although we do have our share of skilled engineers on staff), we are also people experts.

Together with our partners, we strive to help communities create a network of active, engaged, and skilled citizens that make the most of their new renewable technologies. This is why we always pair renewable technologies with an integrated training programme. These training programmes often include technical training, financial and organisational management training, livelihood training (such as agriculture or business training), public health programming, and more. The result? A systematic solution for long-lasting social change and local economic growth.

a group of people learning about renewable energy

Community Centred Model

Our approach is more than just implementing a new renewable energy system and leaving. From beginning to end, we strive to work alongside each community as an equal partner. This means communities are actively engaged in selecting, building, managing, and sustaining each technology solution. We do more than power communities. We (em)power them with the tools, skills, and ownership to ensure lasting change.

Our Community Centred Model (CCM) has been developed as our framework for planning, implementing and evaluating our projects. It provides processes and tools which support and promote equal representation of men and women, marginalized groups, and young people. It guides the delivery of a project to ensure long term sustainability of the renewable energy technology, as well as the benefits felt by the community.

a renewable energy recipient


We install a range of locally sourced, small scale renewable technologies to provide the energy and water that communities need.

Renewable energy technology has been developing fast over the last decade, becoming more affordable and accessible. Our role is not only to test innovative technologies in new contexts, but also to support communities access well established technology and use it appropriately to meet their needs.

a group of women next to renewable energy


We know the key to longevity and sustainability of renewable energy projects is community ownership, empowerment, and capacity building. 

However, we also know that we wouldn’t be able to do any of this work – both installing renewable technologies and working in tandem with communities – without the constant support and collaboration from our funding partners and implementing partners.