One-of-a-kind solutions, for one-of-a-kind communities

We install a range of locally sourced, small scale renewable technologies to provide the energy and water that communities need. Each of the technologies is custom-built, in consultation with suppliers and partner communities, to ensure a tailored solution that fits local needs. We also ensure that all of our partner communities are equipped to ensure each system is maintained long-term.

Solar Multi-Use Water Systems (SolarMUS)

Using solar power and gravity to help communities access easy, affordable, and reliable water.

children stood in front of a type of renewable technologies - solar microgrids

Solar Microgrids

Using the solar power to light homes, power businesses, chill fish, and pump water for agriculture.

a woman using one of the renewable technologies - biogas

Biogas Systems

Recycling organic waste from homes and farms to provide fuel for clean cooking and fertiliser for agriculture.

Clean Cooking Stoves

Providing a cleaner, healthier cooking option for families while reducing CO2 emissions.

Hydraulic Ram Pumps (Hydram)

Using the natural power of water flowing downhill to pump itself up to communities.