Ian Robinson


Ian became a trustee at Renewable World in December 2023.  He brings close to 30 years’ experience as a leader, manager, development practitioner and consultant in emerging economies, with a primary focus on financial sector development and reform.  This includes starting investment funds from scratch in Tanzania and Rwanda, program evaluation and impact assessment and, most recently, organisational design and recruitment.  Much of his work has entailed effecting change in private and public sector clients’ strategies, policies, thinking and practices.  Alongside this, Ian has expertise in analysing and managing financial and other risks – especially those inherent in a wide range of development investments.  He has also worked elsewhere in east, southern and west Africa, as well as SE Asia.  Prior to the Africa-focused part of his career, Ian had extensive banking, capital markets/ securities and privatisation experience with JP Morgan.  His first jobs were with the UK’s National Coal Board.