Jerusha Opondo

Jerusha Opondo is a versatile and results-driven professional with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication and Public Relations. She has a strong track record in community initiatives, conservation programming, event planning, and project leadership. Notable achievements include spearheading the development of a solar-powered charging hub for electric tricycles within budget, advocating for e-mobility awareness, and successfully managing projects like the SUN-RUN and ANGAZA AFRICA at E-Safiri.

Jerusha excels in stakeholder engagement, project management, and communication, demonstrated through her strategic partnerships and team coordination. Active in volunteer work, she serves as Networking and Events Director for the Independent Continental Youth Advisory Council of AfCFTA (Kenya Chapter). Her commitment to continuous learning is evident through her participation in seminars and training programs. With skills in project management, event management, stakeholder engagement, and leadership, Jerusha is positioned to contribute meaningfully to Renewable World, leveraging her expertise to impact local and global initiatives positively.