Growing Incomes

Energy to fuel agriculture

Hydram is a smart water pumping technology which uses the force of falling water to lift water high above its source. This makes it extremely useful for hill communities in Nepal based far above water sources. In the 14 communities where we have installed Hydrams, farmers have increased their income by an average of 40-50% through irrigation. To achieve these increases, it is essential to train community members to use the water effectively.

Kamala Pangeni standing in front of a field.

Kamala Pangeni, a 35 year old lady from Dipka, Nepal, currently spends her days doing essential chores: cooking, washing and caring for her children, while her husband works in Malaysia to keep the family fed. Until recently she had no opportunity to develop the skills necessary to run a successful business, but through our project we have given her the training she needs to make the most of the new accessible water source. Her training in agriculture and drip irrigation will enable her to use the water to transform her dry unproductive farm into a profitable enterprise, growing high value vegetables to sell at market.

We have also given her and other members of the community finance training. This will be invaluable in running her business, and it has empowered her to gain an important position in the community: she is now the treasurer for the community Water Uses Committee, a position she is extremely proud of and has helped her feel empowered and confident to take on new challenges.

Kamala is enthusiastic about the future. She told us:

“My husband is willing to come back from Malaysia and join me in running the farm. With the skills I have gained I want to set up a business and grow vegetables in my land. I am hoping that this project will reunite our family and help us to earn more.

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