Payroll Giving

Give As You Earn is the most popular way for UK businesses and their employees to donate to charity via their payroll. It provides an excellent – and simple – way for you to help us deliver power, improve health, education, standards of living and incomes in the developing world.

The scheme allows you as an individual to donate to us straight from your gross salary (before tax is deducted) and receive immediate tax relief of up to £4.50 for every £10 donated – meaning you can give more, for less!

It’s quick and easy for companies to set up and administer, with low admin costs as it’s tax-deductible, as well as being an excellent way for firms to demonstrate corporate social responsibility and commitment to the causes their employees care about.

In doing so, companies can improve staff morale, enhance their corporate image and community engagement profile, increase their charitable giving with little cost or effort, improve employee engagement by making it easier for them to pay tax efficiently, and employers that sign up are recognised: rewarded with a certificate, logo and awards through the Payroll Giving Quality Mark Scheme.

If your employer does not have a payroll giving scheme, we recommend CAF as a proven provider already collecting donations for Renewable World. Please complete the CAF Donation Instruction Form and pass to your Employers Payroll Department and CAF will do the rest.

For more information, download the documents by clicking on the images below, or email us.

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