Meet our Board

We have a team of experienced trustees who are also Directors of Renewable World and provide strategic oversight and direction for the organisation. Our Trustees listed below, are experts drawn from a number of relevant fields, including: renewable energy, business, development, and policy making.

Trustees and senior member of staff make up the following for five sub-committees: Finance, Audit and Risk, Programmes, Ethics, Sustainability and Governance (ESG), Fundraising and Communication and Remuneration. These sub-committees provide a forum for joint discussion between trustees and relevant staff on the key organisational areas of Renewable World and provide informed recommendations to the full Board regarding key decisions that are in the best interests of Renewable World.


Has oversight of the financial health of the organisation, statutory duties and reporting in all countries of operation, audit process, financial matters on the risk register and internal controls and accounting systems.

Overseas project progress and financial performance, programme and technology development, partnership development, procurement and contracting arrangements, health and safety management and programme matters on the risk register.

Focuses on compliance with the RW governing documents, statutory obligations and Board and trustee led processes and has oversight of HR management and policies.  The Committee reviews the risk register on all ESG matters.

Oversees fundraising objectives and performance including long term objectives to meet Renewable World’s strategy and has oversight of the Communications strategy.  The Committee reviews the risk register on all fundraising and communications matters.

Has oversight of salary policy including pay structure progression and approach to performance management.  Also overseas staff matters relating to pay and conditions on the risk register.