Earth Wind & Tyre 2022: Proudly Supported by ODE

May 13, 2022
Two cyclists riding up a steep country lane

Introducing Returning Silver Sponsor ODE

Offshore Design Engineering Ltd (ODE) is an engineering service provider to the energy sector, focusing on the renewables and oil, gas, and energy transition industries. With their HQ in London, ODE has a global presence across Europe, the APAC Region, and the US, and provides robust engineering solutions to clients across the industry. We’re happy ODE have chosen to sponsor Earth Wind & Tyre for the second year, and they also happen to be our first Silver Sponsor signed up to the 2022 event!

Four Earth Wind & Tyre cyclists standing next to their bikes with their fists held up in the air in celebration

Why Earth Wind & Tyre?

Earth Wind & Tyre is a brilliant opportunity for companies in the renewable energy sector to fundraise for an important cause in an enjoyable and challenging environment. ODE has sponsored the Earth Wind & Tyre cycling fundraiser twice and this is also the fourth year that they have put forward a team of cyclists to take part in the event. They say this is due to the event’s thorough organisation and tough – but rewarding! – workout.

All of the ODE team cyclists participating in Earth Wind & Tyre support projects in the wind energy sector, and in previous years they’ve noticed that the fundraiser also provides a unique opportunity to meet new people in the industry. To that end, Earth Wind & Tyre sees cyclists with similar passions come together from across the UK to get together in a way that’s completely different to traditional networking!

There are many benefits to getting involved with Earth Wind & Tyre. Find out more about how you or your business can participate here.

Five Earth Wind & Tyre cyclists

Support for Renewable World

Kirsty Hamilton, Marketing and Communications Lead, says of ODE’s involvement with Earth Wind & Tyre, ‘ODE is very proud to support this event and the essential work that Renewable World does to improve access to renewable energy for the world’s remotest and poorest populations. Renewable World’s approach to improve access to healthcare, education, clean water, and many other vital sectors through renewable energy technology encapsulates how energy is a catalyst for change and demonstrates the potential renewable energy holds.’