Invitation to provide feedback on Renewable World’s proposed project to promote improved cooking stoves in Lumbini and Karnali Provinces

November 25, 2021

Publication of stakeholder consultation report

With reference to the subject, Renewable World in collaboration with local partners located in the programme area is planning to implement a project that promotes improved cooking stoves (ICS) targeting households using traditional cooking stoves in the remote areas of Lumbini and Karnali provinces of Nepal. The project intends to avail the households with clean cooking solutions in form of the tier-II and/or tier-III metallic ICS; thereby, displacing less efficient traditional cooking stoves from the kitchen. Displacement of the traditional cooking stoves by ICS will reduce the exposure of the family members, specifically women, to indoor air pollution and therefore result in saving of health related expenses. Each stove disseminated under the project reduces or avoids the consumption of non-renewable biomass. The project will apply for registration under the Gold Standard for global goals Voluntary Emission Reduction for the abatement of Carbon dioxide (CO2).

In this regard, Renewable World held a local stakeholder consultation meeting on 4th October 2021 at the Meeting Hall of Kohalpur Municipality, Banke District.

Following that event, we would like to share the attached documents:

  1. Stakeholder consultation report
  2. Key Project Information and Programme Design Document (draft 1)

We now invite you to feedback on the attached documents, and we will then take all feedback received into consideration whilst finalising the Programme Design Document.

Please can you kindly share any feedback by 24th January 2022?

We look forward to your input into this design process.