Enriching agriculture in Nepal through bag digesters

Banke District, Nepal

Project Dates
1 April 2020 – 30 September 2023

Project Phase

12 Prefabricated Flexi Biodigesters
(Biogas System)

Project reach
12 communities
3,300 community members

Project Partners
BEE Group

Technical Partner

Project Funders
Innocent Foundation

Target SDGs


Enriching Agriculture in Nepal through Bag Digesters (ENRICH) focuses on increasing food security among communities affected by poverty and hunger in Surkhet and Banke districts, reaching some 3,300 people across 12 communities. Using innovative biodigester technology, this pilot project is supporting 12 small scale farmers to turn animal dung into organic fertilizer and collecting the biogas produced for fuel. The aim is to create a local market for these commodities which will offer benefits to users in the form of clean cooking and the enrichment of soil and enhanced yields through the use of organic fertiliser. 

The biodigester technology being installed is a prefabricated modular biodigester package provided by SISTEMA.bio that includes a full suite of biogas appliances and connections. The system effectively converts waste into natural gas which can be used for cooking and heating as well as generating bio-slurry which can be used as agricultural fertiliser. Working with SISTEMA.bio and a local based service provider, the project is establishing a supply chain for the technology in Nepal

Objectives & Outcomes

Impact Goal: improving nutrition among rural communities through the creation of thriving rural economies. 

Specific objective: to increase nutritional intake and generate increased income through the development of a new, self-sustaining market in Bag Digesters, biogas and organic fertiliser in 12 communities in Surkhet and Banke districts. It will benefit circa 3,300 people directly, with system level changes ensuring communities in both districts and the provinces they lie in, benefit long after project’s end. 

Outcome 1: 12 Bag Digesters installed through the project are functioning effectively, producing both biogas and slurry products

Outcome 2: 14 rural communities have increased their agricultural productivity through improved utilisation of slurry, organic compost fertiliser and enhanced agriculture techniques

Outcome 3: Supply chain and market centred on biogas, organic compost fertiliser and agricultural products developed in 12 communities

Outcome 4: Project achievements, best practices and learning documented and disseminated

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