Let’s work together to change the world

Renewable World is actively seeking to work alongside and support the corporate fundraising efforts of like-minded businesses who share our commitment to tackling energy poverty, promoting sustainable development, and protecting the environment. By working together, we can deliver extraordinary transformational change.

For examples of our current corporate partners, take a look at our Partners page.

Achieving your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

With the increasing value placed on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by customers and employees, good CSR is a key element for businesses in a competitive environment. Corporate fundraising and supporting Renewable World is a unique way of demonstrating that your company is serious about promoting sustainability, helping poor communities, and changing the lives of people who are most affected by climate change.

Morale, recruitment incentive, and employee retention!

Studies published in the Business Intelligence Journal show that employees who are satisfied with the organisation’s commitment to social and environmental responsibilities demonstrate more commitment, engagement, and productivity. A January 2014 publication in the International Journal of Business and Behavioural Sciences recommends that “corporations should incorporate CSR into their strategic decision making process in order to build good reputation and motivate employees for better performance and retention.”

In 2012, a Society for Human Resource Management study found that companies with strong CSR had 58% better morale, 43% more efficient business processes, 43% stronger public image, and 38% better employee loyalty, than those companies lacking strong CSR.

participants of a fundraiser

“At Renewable World, we are proud to be supported by a wide range of corporate partners, including those working in or with the renewable energy industry in the UK and in Europe. Their support is invaluable to us, and allows us to make a tremendous difference to people’s lives. Through CSR, we have found that our partner companies benefit too, so it really is a win-win; for your team, for Renewable World, and most important of all, for the people that we help access clean, renewable energy.” – Marie Hounslow, Head of Fundraising & Communications

Ways to support us

Brand partnership

We are always looking to partner with corporations interested in infusing social responsibility into their brand! By partnering with us, we can help support your efforts to make a profit AND a global impact on poverty. Types of brand partnerships include: donating a percentage of proceeds from the sale of a particular product in your portfolio, to a broader contractual agreement that a percentage of total gross income will be donated to renewable energy efforts. In return, we will do our best to support you and your branding and marketing efforts – providing stories of impact, relevant copy, branding, social media support and more.

Octopus Energy & Renewable World

Renewable World is Octopus Energy’s official carbon offsetting partner, meaning that for customers who choose its Super Green tariff, the carbon produced by the home is offset via a donation from Octopus Energy to the Renewable World Carbon Offsetting Programme.

These donations – known as carbon credits – ultimately support the delivery of clean cooking stoves and important funding to solar microgrids in Nepal, India, China, and eventually East Africa. The result is a partnership creating a cleaner future and environment for families in the UK and around the world. Learn more here.

If you’re interested in a brand partnership, please contact us via email or call +44  (0)1273 076 050.

Payroll Giving & pro-bono work

As a small, but ambitious team, we are always looking to our corporate partners for support with our work, be it technical, financial, legal, or marketing. We value what you can offer us through providing your time and expertise, and we have a number of pro-bono work packages for those who are interested. If you’re interested in pro-bono contributions, please contact us via email or call +44 (0)1273 076 050.

Payroll Giving (or Give As You Earn) is the most popular and easiest way for UK businesses and their employees to support us. It provides a simple way for you to help us deliver power, improve health, and increase income in the developing world. The scheme allows employees to donate to Renewable World straight from their gross salary, before tax is deducted. It is quick and easy for companies to set up and administer, and by encouraging employees to sign up for Payroll Giving, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to CSR and to the causes they care about.

Challenge events

Taking part in a challenge event for Renewable World is a great way to build team spirit and create a real sense of pride and achievement. Events such as Spartan and Rough Runner are renowned for this, as well as offering opportunities for the company’s publicity and enhancing their corporate image.

We have places available in a wide range of popular challenge events, including a variety of marathons and triathlons. We also offer our own bespoke event – called Earth Wind & Tyre – where your employees can participate as riders on a two-day cycle challenge from Durham to Edinburgh. The ride offers the perfect team-building and networking experience, as well as the opportunity for companies to advertise their work. In Earth Wind & Tyre, your company can also get involved by becoming a valuable and highly visible sponsor of the event.

Build-your-own office fundraiser

people fundraising

We don’t want to limit your philanthropic spirit to just our limited list of challenge events! Get creative and do your own corporate fundraising – make it a day-long rowing competition in your parking lot, an evening dinner party, or a lunchtime concert at a nearby park. Or, hold a month-long competition of who can raise the most funds for renewable energy, and give the winner a prize! We have plenty of other suggestions on our website, as well as a fundraising packet (with logos, stories, impact stats per pound donated, and more) to explore and an online platform to take donations and track your fundraising success!

Seasonal giving

Over the festive season, we offer the chance to purchase renewable energy themed Christmas e-cards that can be sent to staff and/or customers. Sending one of these cards is a great way to support Renewable World and communicate with stakeholders during the season of giving. It is more environmentally friendly than using paper cards and the money you donate helps to light homes, power businesses, and improve lives in some of the most remote communities in the world.

a way to corporate fundraise

What you get out of corporate fundraising (other than changing lives, of course!)

As well as benefiting from the Renewable World brand, by becoming a partner you would have your logo and company engagement story featured across our various communications platforms including our Annual Reports, quarterly newsletters, website, and social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram).

Further, with a corporate fundraising relationship, or even just a one-off fundraiser, we would be delighted to visit your offices and speak with members of staff about the difference that their support is making. Lunchtime presentations, Q&A sessions, and social events keep members of staff engaged and allow us to thank our supporters directly.

For examples of our current corporate partners, take a look at our Partners page.


Supporting Renewable World totally aligns with our values here at Invezz, aiding the goal of a world where nobody is financially constrained. The team is delighted knowing that our contribution will make even a small difference in Nepal and Kenya.” – Michael Charalambous, General Manager, Invezz

We are extremely proud to be able to support Renewable World. The values of Renewable World are ones that we felt really reflected those of the Yellowave community – supporting others to empower themselves, providing a hand up rather than a hand out. We hope our small contribution can make a difference even if it’s just a tiny ripple in the great wave of work the charity is doing.” – Kate Mintram, Director, Yellowave

Want more information on corporate fundraising?

Contact us: getintouch@renewable-world.org

Download: Charity Partnership Programme Brochure

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