Let’s work together to change the world

Renewable World seeks to collaborate with and assist businesses aligned with our mission of addressing energy poverty, promoting sustainable development, and preserving the environment. Through corporate fundraising, we can achieve remarkable transformative change.

Why Choose Renewable World?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Let us help you achieve your CSR goals.

With the increasing value placed on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by customers and employees, good CSR is a key element for businesses in a competitive environment. Corporate fundraising and supporting Renewable World is a unique way of demonstrating that your company is serious about promoting sustainability, helping poor communities, and changing the lives of people who are most affected by climate change.

Three Neapli men are kneeling in front of a solar-powered dryer, full of spices in the process of being dried

Employee Engagement

Boost your employee engagement, retention and morale!

Studies published in the Business Intelligence Journal show that employees who are satisfied with the organisation’s commitment to social and environmental responsibilities demonstrate more commitment, engagement, and productivity.

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Charity Support

Support you can rely on

Whether it’s a long term partnership or just a one off fundraiser, you can rely on us to support you every step of the way.

“Renewable World is an inspiring charity that helps to save and change lives for the better. Our work together is perfectly aligned with our Environmental, Social and Governance ambitions and we are proud to support them.”

Shakeela Khanom
Responsible Business Officer, Beazley



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