Expanding Energy Access to build up communities in Kenya

During the Coronavirus pandemic in Kenya access to reliable services and infrastructure have been more essential than ever. Over the past 18 months, despite many lockdowns and barriers to completion, Renewable Worlds Kenyan team have been expanding energy access within two communities in the Lake Victoria Region. Under our Optimisation Project, 47 new connections have been installed (bringing total energy access to 108 households and businesses in Sika and Ragwe communities). To ensure the best use of energy communities have been supported by Renewable World staff and local partners in technical Microgrid management, health and safety, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, governance and leadership.

Bringing water to hilltop villages in Nepal

Water is the essence of life, and many of us take access to water for granted. We turn on a tap, flush a toilet and run a bath as everyday practices. But, across the world, lack of access to water turns these simple tasks into an endless struggle. With new challenges facing communities across the world under the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for water to regularly wash hands has never been greater.