Pascal: (em)Powering new business opportunities

With power comes new business opportunities Imagine life without power – without access to electricity to charge your phone, to keep your home lit at night, to power your business, to keep your fresh food cold or to help your children study. Life without power can be limiting, preventing children from learning, business from developing … Continue reading Pascal: (em)Powering new business opportunities

Jugedhara: Behind the Scenes of Solar-Powered Success

Some might think that installing a Solar Multi-Use Water System (SolarMUS) is a fairly quick and simple process. You purchase the equipment, find a willing community, dig a few holes, pour some concrete, tighten a couple of screws and then ‘voila’ – a functional water lifting system! Poverty solved! Others might think that our team … Continue reading Jugedhara: Behind the Scenes of Solar-Powered Success

Electrifying Healthcare and Hope in Nepal

The vast beauty of the Nepal landscape is known. Remote. Off-grid. Wild. Words that are often romanticised by visitors seeking adventure in the Himalayan nation. While desirable traits for a week of trekking, the reality of living remote and off-grid in Nepal comes with serious challenges. This is especially true for poor villages that do … Continue reading Electrifying Healthcare and Hope in Nepal

Ishwori Secondary School

The School in the Clouds Access to clean, reliable water is a huge issue in Nepal. Since 2013, Renewable World has been promoting solar technology as a means of pumping water to rural communities. To date we have helped 29 communities, including 12 schools, improve their access to water through the installation of solar water pumping … Continue reading Ishwori Secondary School